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Barret's FF7 Heaven
Final Fantasy 7

The best, in my humble opinion...



It revolves around mako energy which is the life of the planet. A major coporation called Shinra is pumping it out. A rouge rebellion force called AVALANCHE is trying to stop this from happening by destroying the reactors where its is being sucked out of.

Squaresoft are the creators who made this game what it is. It came from its lowly beginning on the NES(Nintendo Entertainment System)where the graphics in those days were the worst ever. None the less it made ff2 and 3 on that console then moved on to the SNES(Super Nintendo Entertainment System). The graphics were tweaked through ff4,5 and 6. Then the most addictive RPG went onto the Playstation where the graphics were the best ever at the time. The saga was continued through ff7, 8 and 9. In the not so far future is going to be ff10,11,12,13,14 and 15. We may just have to wait to what the future holds for the Final Fantasy saga.

Tips and Cheats extra

Here I'll include a small tip on how to defeat the first bit and the boss.

When you are in control of Ex-SOLDIER go to the body of the gaurd and press circle twice you should recieve 2 potions.

Scorpion Guard:
Clouds bolt magic is useful. When the scorpion gaurd raises its tail DO NOT attack it. Just restore youre party. When it lowers its tail come out in full force and if it raises its tail again well just repeat what i said. When it is dead make sure you save before going.